Hey, I'm Mudavaye, I love drawing my OCs, and I'm working on a Webcomic with them called Onti!

Onti: Themes - Action / Fantasy / Comedy-Drama / LGBTQ+

Three best friends, Aariyah, Jaylin and Keisha’s largely peaceful life of leisure, hanging out and martial arts training is interrupted by their individual work-life responsibilities and increasing instances of people using their Elemental abilities in abnormally powerful ways to cause trouble.

Onti on Webtoon

Onti on Tapas

Onti is still in development. It is a long series type of comic. It's not my first time making comics, but it's my first attempt at a big story, a passion project.
With the comic I'm also highlighting my interests (Capoeira, Black women in Action stories, Queer stories).
Patrons get full access to behind the scenes and early access to finished pages, so definitely support me on there or Ko-Fi if you just wanna send a tip.
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I occasionally stream Onti progress to my Twitch Channel (VODs are locked to subs only to make it fair for Patrons)

I'll be adding to and changing this site a lot over the course of the story!